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Own practice

I make sculptures that are primarily concerned with the bodily and the material, and on unravelling possible meaning through the handling of materials. Concept and object are integrated at all points of the process. Anxiety and pleasure, irritation and lust, transition and stagnation jostle with each other for emotional attention: the sculptures can look like poisonously red regency wallpaper, or green velvet lawns, but these associations cannot fully articulate the experience of being with the work. The work consists in the translation of fragments of memory and emotion into material form. The final objects are references and triggers for the spectator.

A still picture from a film

Still from 5 minute film for ITV commissioned by Oil of Ulay

A  picture of two large furry objects by multi-coloured furry shopping trolleys


A  picture of a pick rectangle surrounded by star shapes


A  picture of a large wire frame with a wire box on it within which is another box.

Spit or Spite

A  picture of a large installation in a room.


A  picture of a large green wire box in a room.

I can't feel rainbows

De Montfort University